Win Trade App Review: Real or Fake?

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I know you have some questions about Win Trade App, such as what is Win Trade App?, Is Win Trade App Real or Fake? , Is Win Trade Refer & earn, Win Trade is safe or not?, how does Win Trade App Works? and many more.

Well, without any further ado let’s discuss Win Trade App Review & How you can invest money through this app.

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So without any further ado. Let’s get to know what exactly Win Trade App Is?

Win Trade App, is an online trading application that claims that you can earn a lot of money by trading.

With Win Trade, you can trade the most popular assets from the financial market such as EUR/USD, GBIP/USD, as well as other assets in a safe and convenient manner.

Win Trade is not subject to any monitoring or control by SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) or RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

As a consequence, a trader will not be able to contact Indian authorities for help with application transactions. In India, multiple nationalized banks do not deal directly with Win Trade because the platform is not monitored by Indian authorities.

I have great doubts about Win Trade being real or a scam. It appears they give out some rewards merely to prove that they’re legit.

Some people claim that the graphs in Win Trade Application are fixed. So you will most likely win many times using a demo account, but when you play with real money you may lose.

Win Trade App Review: Complete Features

Complete Training Programme:

There are complete training videos available through Win Trade. It will be very straightforward to learn trading through these videos. Once you learn, you will be more satisfied and expect things to happen.

A flexible trading system

We have an online trading platform available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and some over-the-counter assets are also available for trading during the weekend.

A convenient withdrawal method

There are more than ten different kinds of e-wallets it accepts, in addition to bank cards.

Customer service is available 24 / 7

We have a team of technical support professionals available around the clock. If you have questions, you can use the chat or email services to reach experts. Customer satisfaction is its number one goal.

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Win Trade: Real or Fake?

Well, guys! Is Win Trade App Is Real or Fake? In terms of me, you should avoid the Win Trade App. It has both pros & cons.

But i have tested this app from the play store & i don’t recommend you to download it…


  • User-friendly interface
  • A withdrawal can be made within 24 hours to 5 days


  • Errors with the network.
  • Referral program not available
  • The company does not provide phone support
  • Licenses and certifications are not in place.
  • It is very difficult to contact Customer Case.
  • Restrictions on withdrawals and deposits.

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