Best blogging tips for beginners

Blogging tips for beginners

16 Best Blogging tips for beginners:

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As  we all  know Blogging is one of the Ever Changing platforms nowadays.

If you really want to become a Successful Blogger in Future, you need to Modernize your skill & knowledge on a regular basis.

To keep updating your knowledge, you need to Learn different blogging related stuff on the web.

In this Article, I am going to share information on ”Blogging tips for beginners”.

Before going to the “Blogging tips for beginners guide” let’s discuss why you need to Renovate your Knowledge on Blogging.

Blogging is an endless ocean, here you need to learn on a regular basis to stay away from the competition.The growth of Blogs in the market is increasing day by day and now competition is on pick.

Do you know every day millions of Blog posts are published? Now you can understand how much competition has Increased with time.

So that’s the Reason you need to polish your Blogging related knowledge & also try to improve your Creativity.

Always Remember Creativity is one thing that always differs you from the Huge crowds. 

I am sure you may clear why you need to learn & polish your Blogging knowledge/skill on Regular Interval.

So now I am going to giving you some best “blogging tips for 2020 beginners”

Your time is precious without wasting your time. Let’s move to the next section where I will explain to you some vital tips regarding blogging & i am definitely sure you won’t be able to find such realistic guidance from anywhere on the internet.

Let’s get started….

16 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

1)Set Your Goal First.

SEt your blogging goals

Setting a Goal or Target is really very Important For Blogging success.

By setting your own Goal you will know where you want to go and by that, you get Clarity about your Blogging Journey.

Believe me or not, Clarity is one thing that makes your Dreams come true.

So that’s the Reason I am suggesting you “set your blogging Goal first”.

The Goal may be anything…

Just take a Copy and start writing your Goal;quite hilarious right! But trust me this method works ; before doing something set a goal first.After setting your Goal you need to work consistently for that.

In my suggestion, it is one of the First steps to succeed in the Blogging Industry.

You may know the Quote– “consistent action creates consistent results”.

If you want Good consistent Result then you need to Act Consistently.

2)Choose Your Blogging Niche.

It is one of the Hardest parts when your Blog Development work is just have to choose a Niche. You may have questions inside your mind . What does niche mean? No more worries I will explain to you.

Niche means on which topic you want to provide Information on your blog.My personal opinion is to choose a Niche that is Profitable in Market & you have some good knowledge about it.Also looking at your own Interest on which topic you are Passionate about it.After that choose your Blogging Niche.

Always Remember to choose a Single Niche for your blog because it helps you to grow faster and Easy to understand for your Audience.

If your Blog is on a single topic then you are able to attract targeted Traffic for your Site.And you know Targeted Traffic helps you get more Conversion.

So before Choosing any Niche Consider the above factors.

3)Write Problem-solving & Valuable stuff.

Problem solving article

Do you know the meaning of the word Problem-solving?

It means to solve your Audience or Visitors Problem by giving him Valuable stuff/Resources.

But before writing Problem-solving Content you need to Identify your Target Visitors problem.So how can you Identify your Visitors Problem & Interest?Just open your Google Analytics and Choose on User behavior Option.After you can Identify on which Article a user engages and wait more time.

Also, you can check your visitor’s comment on which Article visitors Appreciate your work or need more Information about it.

By the above process, you are able to Identify your Visitor Interest & Problem.

After finding Your user Wants and Problem you need to write a thorough & high-quality Article that solves your user, Query/Problem.

In that way, you are able to create Problem-solving & valuable Stuff for your User.

Good News: I got some free logo design tool that helps you to kickstart your blogging journey Must check!

4)Make your site look like Paradise.

Your website design matters most in the competitive world because no one wants to visit the ugly looking website.

Because nowadays Information is everywhere if your site is not looking Good or not Easy to use then visitors never come back Again.

So make sure your Website/blog looks professional, Good looking and Easy to use.

Because the first Impression is the last Impression.

So you need to Invest your Time & Money to Improve your site Design.

I am suggesting you Buy a premium Theme for your Website, by that you can customize your blog like a pro.

5)Optimize your Website Speed & Make your Site Mobile friendly.

You know Website speed & Mobile Friendly Design is coming Under Google Top 10 Ranking Factors.

The Minimum website speed must be in between 2 sec to 5 sec .So first check your Website speed on Google website speed checker or Gtmetrix .If you found your site loading speed is more than 5 sec or 7 sec then you need to Optimize your website speed.

For optimizing website speed you need to optimize your Blog Images & also you have to use a minimum 5 to 10 plugin.

And you need to Remove some Javascript from your site.

Always try to use VPS hosting because it gives you better hosting space & Speed but it costs you so high, but don’t worry you can Use DomainRacer Hosting on a very Low cost.

For mobile friendliness, you need to use Amp plugin on your site

If you optimize your Website speed and make your site mobile friendly then you definitely get Ranking Boost on Google.

6)Write an In-depth & Unique Articles.

Did you know In-depth & unique articles that more than 2000 words always Rank well in Google?

Because Google only wants to serve Quality & Thorough articles to the searcher.

You need to write at least 2000 words with Uniqueness then you are able to rank high on Google.

Obviously, if you Rank high on Google then you will get more search Traffic to your Blog.

So my Recommendation focuses on quality, not on Quantity.

Instead of writing 10 to 15 small articles per month try to write 2 to 3 In-depth articles that will help you to get more traffic for your Blog.

7)Learn Basic Optimization Tips.

If you want to become a Good well known blogger then you need to learn some basic Search engine optimization tips.

By knowing the simple SEO tips you are able to write Seo optimized posts that Rank well on Google.

There are several benefits if you Rank on the 1st page of Google.

By ranking high on Google, you will get lots of qualified search engine visitors, Your site credibility will Increase and also you will be noticed by Big Industry Influencer.

So that the reason you need to learn some basic SEO optimization tips like,

->How to find low competitive & high Converting Keywords.

-> Using Keywords in the Article.

->How to find and use  keywords.

-> Ways to write Engaging & well-optimized Blog posts.

-> How to use keywords in the Title, Slug, meta description.

-> Image optimization.

->Ways to Increase CTR.

Above are some simple & basic optimization Tips you need to learn as a beginner.

8)Do Guest Blogging.

Did you know Guest blogging is the best free method to Getting Traffic & showing your expertise in front of Millions of visitors?

By doing Guest blogging on other people sites your site Traffic, Credibility and Brand Awareness will Increase.

Guest Blogging is the best way to Connect with big Industry Influencers.

The help of Guest blogging you can Increase your site Overall Authority and you also get Backlinks.

For doing guest blogging find some sites which are similar to your site topic and getting some Good Traffic.

By that way, your post will be seen by Huge no. of Interested Audience.

Remember one thing, whenever you will submit your post then Make sure your Content is well written, Informative, Top-notch without any Grammatical mistake.

For Grammatical & Tens mistakes you can use the Grammarly Tool.

9)Commenting on other blogs.

Blog commenting is the best way to build no follow backlinks with some decent Referral traffic.

It also gives you some Ranking Boost in SERP.

By regularly valuable Blog commenting on others blogs you can build relationships with many bloggers.

Always try to Comment on your website topic Relevant Blog by that way you can get targeted & qualified visitors to your website.

By regular Blog commenting you can drive decent Traffic & Some link juice to your site.

Do not comment just link ok, Add some value in the comment box then expect someone to give you a link.

10)Build some Authority & Trust.

Research says more than 70% of people Buy products & services from well known or well-marketed Brands.

Simply no one buys from strangers they only want to buy from Trustworthy sites.

If you only think Traffic can give you lots of sales & conversion then you are Wrong.

You need to Build your Trust & Authority for getting Good conversion.

So how can you develop your Site Authority & Trust?

Let’s see…

→Do guest blogging for other well-known Brands.

→Write high-quality In-depth Article with Good SEO practice that’s why you are able to Rank on the 1st page of Search engine.

→Never ever recommend products & services that you don’t use or know personally.

→Try to Interview with other Bloggers or Industry Experts.

→Also, try to Get Good Testimonials from other Website owners or well known people.

Follow those above tactics to build your website Authority & Trust.

11)Connect with Influencers.

Connecting with other Influencers & Bloggers helps you a lot if you are a newbie or just starting two to three month Ago.

Let’s see which Area Will help you to get help from when you are  connected with another Influencer.

→You can get Traffic & Links from them.

→They provide you with a solution to your problem.

→They can help you to improve your skill & expertise.

→You can able to Increase your earnings by using their strategy.

You know above 4 help is more than enough to build a Successful Blog.

So that I am suggesting you create your own blogging Network that helps you in Future.

12)Build your Email list.

If you are new in the Blogging Industry or want to start your own blog then I recommend you to start building your Email list from Day 1.

Building an Email list means Build your own Audience. , So that it’s one of the Important work you need to do.

By creating an Email list you will get benefits on,

→You can Promote your New content/article without thinking of Search engine Ranking.

→You can Interact & build Relationships with your Subscriber.

→Also, you can Promote Products & Services to your Subscriber.

→Even you can promote your Social media profile & Page.

Now you may understand what’s the benefits by creating your own Email list.

For creating an Email list you need to create Some subscribe pop-up.

And always try to give some value whenever visitors subscribe to your Email list.

You can be giving him Value as a Free Ebook, Mini-Course, Newsletter or Free consulting

So start Building your Email list from Now.

13)Start Building Your Own Audience.

Start building your own Audience is really very Important in the Competitive Edge.

Then how can you build up your Audience?

You need to convert your website visitors Into a regular visitor for your site.

For converting website visitors into regular visitors you need to collect their email or social media Address by Giving him a proper value.

The value may be a free Ebook or Resources or it may be a weekly newsletter or Video courses.

Also, you can Join your visitor on your Social media pages.

In that way, you are able to Convert your website new visitors into a permanent or Recurring visitor.

By creating your Own Audience, you can promote your new content Directly and also you can develop trust with those audiences.

By developing Trust you are able to sell your Own products or Affiliate products.

So that is the Reason you need to start Building your Own Audience from Now.

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14)Promote Your Content like a Pro.   

Content development and Editing is one type of Systematic work but Content Promotion is not a systematic process, you have to think like a marketer.

Promoting a Content is one of the hardest parts of Blogging and that’s deciding how much success you will get from Blogging.

If you are Expert in promoting content then you can get huge success in blogging.

Because after creating content you need to promote it that’s why people come to your site and Read it.

For doing content promotion work you need to create a promotional funnel, where you can Add, on which channel you want to promote your content.

Some best content promotion channel for me is,

->Search Engine Optimization.[organic promotion]

->Email marketing.

->Guest Blogging.

->Blog commenting on other related blogs.

->Directory Submission.

->Forum and q&a site.

->Social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are best.

So follow some above promotional channels for promoting your next blog content.

15)Try to Invest in your Blog.

A Good & smart Investment in your blog gives you 10x more Return.

Yeah…that’s the real things I observed.

If you earn around 50$ to 100$ per month from your blog then you need to invest that money again on your blog to see more growth.

First of all, you have to Invest some money on Good web hosting, Premium Theme & Premium plugins.

Then you can invest some money in promoting your Blog Article through Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising.

By Investing your blog income in the right way you can see better results on time.

16)Think about your Blog Monetization.

I know you are doing lots of Hard work on your blog.

So why don’t you think about your blog monetization?

First of all, you have to analyze your Blog reader Interest or define the Buyer Persona.

When you clearly understand about your website Visitors Intention and what they Actually want, then you can solve their problem.

As a solution, you can promote any type of similar product that helps him solve their problem.

Then you can realize your conversion will Increase.

Also, choose Monetization strategy smartly means which monetization method suits for your Blog.

That helps you to Earn higher income from your blog.

If I talk on monetization strategy there are several ways are available,

Such as…

->Selling Ads.

->Affiliate Marketing.

->Selling own product & services.

->Providing consulting & Training.

Above are some best methods to earn money from your blog, So try all methods which will help you a lot.

Final Discussion on Blogging tips for beginners.

So finally here our complete guide on blogging tips for beginners is finished.

Here I briefly discuss every single point that you need to become a successful blogger in 2019.

Ok, let’s wind up what we learn from this Guide.

→ First, set your blogging goal.

→Choose your Blogging Niche.

→Write problem-solving stuff.

→Make your site look like a paradise.

→Optimize your website speed & make your site mobile friendly.

→Write an in-depth Article on your Website.

→Learn some basic Seo optimization tips.

→Do guest blogging on other websites.

→Comment on other Blog.

→Make some Authority & Trust of your site.

→Connect with Influencer on your Niche.

→Start building your own Audience.

→Build your Email list from day 1.

→Promote your content like a pro.

→Try to invest some money in your blog.

→Think about your blog monetization.

The above 16 are some best ever blogging tips for beginners, if you are a beginner in the blogging Industry then make sure to Implement those tips on your blog.

Those above tips come from my 1.5 years of Blogging & Digital Marketing Experience so that you need to work on those tips if you are a beginner or struggling to get Good results.

So focus on More & more learning with proper Implementation, by that you can see better growth on your blog.


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