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IM Holy Grail Review & Bonus: Viral Traffic Software

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Hello, guys welcome to my IM Holy Grail Review!

So, let’s talk about what it is?

What is it’s Purpose & How it can help you.

Actually, it is a unique Viral traffic tool that will help you in getting a ton of traffic from 4 major platforms, which are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and Reddit.

Actually, this is a must have app for all the digital marketers, website owners, entrepreneurs, You name it.

The main thing Is that you can start driving traffic from all the 4 major social media platforms with just one click.

That’s it no technical work, no stress.

IM Holy Grail Review: (A detailed Overview)

IM Holy Grail is a viral traffic tool with many features, but the main feature or the main purpose of this app is to legally hijack the content of others, which will make sales for you.

this procedure of the IM Holy Grail will require neither technical analysis nor a lot of efforts, you can do this with just one click.

CREATORS- This amazing app is created or developed by KENNY TAN & VANKATA KUMAR and both are known as 2 of the warrior+’s renowned vendor.

Launch Date- This app will launch on 26th SEP @ 9 A.M EST.

IM Holy Grail Review: Complete Features Breakdown

Now let’s talk about the features of the IM Holy Grail-

There are many amazing features which are provided by this software or app.

Now let’s take a look at the major ones-

  • FREE Traffic in just one click– It is the main purpose of the IM Holy Grail, to drive traffic from the 4 major social media platforms.

And the main and important thing is that you don’t need any kind of technical analysis to drive those traffics from those platforms.

You just have to do a single click.

Just do a click and you will be getting free visitors from all the 4 sources.

  1. FACEBOOK which has 1.62 billion targeted users
  2. TWITTER which has 330 million potential active users.
  3. Linkedln which has nearly 700 million potential users.
  4. Reddit which has 430 million active users.

and you can enjoy them & make a lot of money by just one click.

  • RSS automation– first let’s talk about what is the meaning of the RSS automation, in the easy and simple words the term RSS automation means.

RSS automation stands for the web feed that allows your customers to receive and read the updates to the online contents which you will be posting on your website.

In order to help you IM Holy Grail is providing you the best RSS automation which will help you in the syndication of the contents with the IM Holy Grail campaign of yours and then your feed content will be shared with your customer’s social media account.

And yes, all these procedures are automated in nature, it means you don’t have to work a minute on this.

  • Social media handled integration– with the assistance of the IM Holy Grail your customers or the visitors can easily connect their all social media pages with the IM Holy Grail.

in order to manage your social media accounts, you can use their dashboard.

  • Exit Time Control– With the help of the IM Holy Grail your customers can also control the website and the visitor exit time for the affiliate offer, before they just hijack the page.
  • High CTR Headers– the headers which are offered by the IM Holy Grail are high converting in nature.

The headers you will be use for your post can get more clicks and more traffics to your sales pages.

  • Legally Hijacking other’s contents– the IM Holy Grail allows you to hijack other’s contents legally.

You can hijack other’s contents from their website or youtube channel and you can drive targeted traffic to your page.

  • Training and tutorials– now it is one of the best feature in this IM Holy Grail review.

Along with the above amazing features this app also gives you a training course for CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, and lead generation using the IM Holy Grail app.

As this is a cloud based app you don’t have think about the storage and with the help of this app you can learn a lot of basic concepts and vital concepts about the online marketing genre.


As you know, now we are at the end of this article, and there are so many reasons I am recommending you this amazing viral traffic app.

In my opinion every online marketer and entrepreneur must have this app because of what it is providing.

They are also providing a training and tutorial course, watching which you can know a lot of things.

So, hurry up and get this app Now!

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