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No1 Ad Research Software On The Planate!

Hello Guys, Welcome to My Honest Adscouter Review!

This is the most In-depth Adscouter Review On the Internet & you will get the most enhanced Information about this software like how it works, features, pros & cons, etc.

Adscouter Is the most Advanced & accurate Worlds No1 Facebook & Instagram Ad Research tool In the Market.

It is the first-ever ads spy tool that leverages AI-Technology to uncover the most profitable and hidden Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Adscouter is packed with several unique & powerful features such as…

1)Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology.

2)Find The Most Profitable Ads With Our Proprietary ProfitScore™

3)Highly Accurate Data.

4)Largest Collection Of Tracked Ads.

5)Object Detection & Text Detection AI That Uncovers Never-Seen-Before Ads.

6)Find Ads Using Reverse Image Search.

Currently, No one in the market providing that much Unique & Powerful features like Adscouter.

It is the best ever software I can recommend to you for Facebook & Instagram Advertising Research.

If you are an Online marketer, Advertiser, Entrepreneur, or an affiliate marketer then you must go with Adscouter.

Well, now come down to the next section of the Adscouter Review, Where I will give you It’s complete Overview. 

Adscouter Review: [Complete Overview]


CreatorSam Bakker & Rohit Shah
Launch Date20-10-2020
Launch Time10:00 EST
Official websiteClick Here
Front-End Price$47
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee
NicheAd Research Tool
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

Above Is the complete Overview of Adscouter, here I mentioned it’s creator name, launch date, and Front-end price.

Founders Of Adscouter.

This amazing powerful Ad Research tool is founded by SAM BAKKAR & ROHIT SHAH.

They both are the top 1% vendor and affiliates of the Jvzoo Platform & they are the most trusted vendors with huge sales record history.

That’s why they mostly launch 2 to 3 products every year & all of their products are result driven and high quality.

Well, now come to the next part of the Adscouter Review where I will explain Its benefits with complete pros & cons.

Adscouter Review: Complete Features Break Down

1)Simple & Sweet Interface

Adscouter Interface is very simple looking & Navigational friendly by that beginners can also easily use It without any complexity.


2)No Technical Skill Required

Seriously! You don’t need any kind off hardcore technical skill to use Adscouter software, It designed for both expert & beginners.


3)Remove Guess Work

Once you started using Adscouter then you don’t need to relay on Guess targeting or you don’t need to try several Ad copies or tagetting option.

You can easily research exact Ad that performs well for your competitor & you can simply copy that strategy.


4)Rapid ‘Ad detection & monitoring’ technology

This is one of the most important features of Adscouter software. It detects ads faster than any other software. It has it’s massive up to date library of ads which are constantly being updated, this is completely reliable and accurate.

=>Rewardsly Review From A Real User

It monitors the ads as listed on Facebook; enables you to detect them and list them with  AdScouter within a few hours on average.

5)provides profitable Ads

Yes, absolutely it provides the most profitable Ads with proprietary algorithms that accurately cumulate campaign profitability.It enables you to compare profitable ads with other ads which will help you to identify incredibly profitable ads to grow your business.And you don’t need to waste your valuable time for tracking ads.


6)Highly Accurate data

It provides more accurate data because it is directly derived from Facebook. Unlike other software Adscouter doesn’t rely on black hat methods. In order to deliver you the best data it only uses Facebook’s own ads data.

The best technique that has been added to  AdScouter is it’s in-house AI  engine through which it scans the Ad for keywords, images, and then generates lists of ads with the most relevant category within a single click.

7)The largest collection of tracked Ads

Adscouter also provides over 10 million ads in 60 different languages.

It sounds quite unbelievable right but it’s true it has its own databases; that grows every day by a minimum of 30,000 ads per day which is the biggest collection of ads ever compiled within its database.

Now no more worries for appropriate ads; This AdScouter software suggests the best ad insights available on the internet.


8)Object detection  & Text detection AI:

This is one of the amazing features of this software. this feature is extremely useful for finding hyper-relevant ads in any niche that was simply not possible before.

With the help of object detection & text detection AI, your subscriber can easily find ads that have specific objects or text within the image of the ads.


9)Drag and drop feature

You don’t need any expertise or extra techniques to use this software.

You just have to do nothing simply drag the images and drop to search by ads by images.


10)Find ads using reverse image search

This is another incredible feature of this software. It will help you to uncover related ads to your chosen search; Its AI engine scans the images for similarities and then finds similar ad campaigns to your chosen images.

It also helps you to find other ads being run for a product featured in an image.


11)Filter  ads by their status

AdScouter is the only Ad spy tool that helps you to find ads that are active and running on Facebook and Instagram then it filters them & lists according to their status.

It provides you both active or inactive status options you can choose any one of it for all of your Ad status.

With its massive database of active ads, your subscriber can profit from the most up to date ads ever.


12)List building domination

AdScouter allows you to grow your email list fast by showing you the appropriate ads, funnels, and targeted audience of any other advertiser, most use keywords or domain.

It also helps you a lot by allowing you to replicate and grow your email list instantly.


13)Use the Geo-location filter

You can use the Geo-location filter to set out any country you want to target and spy on the ads that are currently ruling.

You just need to know about the location of your audience in your niche and domain.

 Using  this filter you can target more efficiently  by combining both.


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Adscouter Review: Who Should Go For It?

As I above explain Adscouter is one of the leading Facebook & Instagram Ad Research software that can stop your guesswork & Provides you right audience data & high-converting Ad option.

It’s a must-needed software for all kinds of Marketers but still, let me mentioned all the Professionals who should go for it.

->Digital Marketer.



->Agency Owner & Freelancer.

->Social Media Marketer.

->Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers

Above are the professionals who must go for Adscouter software, Now come down to the next part of Adscouter Review; where i will show it’s pricing & upgrades.

Adscouter Review: Pricing & OTO’s

Front-end: Personal >> $37 Commercial – $47<<

  • Sell To Businesses
  • Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
  • Discover The Most Profitable Ads with our proprietary ProfitScore™
  • Search From Over 30M+ Ads
  • Discover Ads in Over 60+ Languages
  • Search For Objects and Text Within Images of Ads using AI
  • Discover Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ads
  • Supports Image, Video, and Carousel Ads
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Search Through Active & Inactive Ads
  • See Landing Pages of All Ads
  • Unlimited Searches

Adscouter Review: Complete FAQ’s

1)Is It a Cloud-Based Tool?

Yes, Adscouter is completely a cloud-based software & you don’t need to install this tool, you can access it from anywhere you want.

2)How much it will cost?

Adscouter will cost you $67 & it’s the front-end price, If you need better features then you can upgrade this software

3)Is It Really Work?

I am 100% Confident about this software because previously I use Sam Bakker different software & all are high quality and result-driven for me. He Is also a No1 Vendor of Jvzoo, So you can completely trust on him.

Final Thoughts On Adscouter Review.

Thank you for stopping on my Honest Adscouter Review till the End!

In the above, I describe all the details of Adscouter, its features, the Working process, the Pros & cons & finally give my conclusion here.

Adscouter is the most revolutionary Facebook & Instagram advertising tool I ever saw In my life, It’s features are completely unbeatable.

If you are an online marketer, Advertiser, Agency owner, or a Freelancer & want to Run Ads effectively without any guesswork then Adscouter is the No1 Recommended Tool for you.

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