VidScripto Review [BETA TESTER]: Transcript VIRAL VIDEOS Into Any Language

Real VidScripto Review From A Beta Tester 

Guys, Welcome To My Unbiased & detailed VidScripto Review! 

If you are searching for real VidScripto Review then you are at the correct page, here i will give you all the details like it’s features, working process, benefits, pricing with Pros & Cons.

VidScripto Is the most advanced Viral Video Transcription & Translation Tool for marketers & business owner to generate more leads & sales on autopilot.

This amazing software can transcribe any viral video into any language with it’s most powerful AI Engine & you will get amazing unique content without creating it.

It can automatically converts ANY videos into text, creates and adds auto-captions, translates the auto-captions and translates the audio in the video to multiple different languages, saving users tons of money, time and effort.

VidScripto uses a well-trained A.I. and machine learning to create captions, add them to video, match timeline and translate videos.

You just need to open the AI powered VidScripto software & there you can search your Niche keyword for best performing & viral video, that after you can use this tool to recreate it again by translating it’s Sub-Headings & Voice within few minutes.

Once you created your own unique video content that after you can share & upload all your content in various social media platform by 1-Click.

This amazing software is mostly targeted for online marketers, video creators, business owner & lead generation agency or freelancer.

Well, Now let’s come down to the next section of VidScripto Review; where i will show you it’s complete software overview.

Instant Access



Creator Kimberly de Vries, Danny de Vries & Kelechi Mmonu
Product VidScripto
Launch Date 2021-Apr-07
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $37
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is VidScripto Tool?

VidScripto is a first of it’s kind A.I powered software that automatically transcribes, caption, and add voiceover to any video, that gets you more followers, likes, comments, shares, leads and paying clients.

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From now on, you can easily convert viral videos into easily consumed scripted videos, blog posts, podcasts, audio books, or ebooks to create lead magnets to grow your list fast.

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The creators behind this product are Kimberly de VriesDanny de Vries and Kelechi Mmonu. During their career, they have repeatedly leveraged their talent, to personally make & help clients make enormous amounts of profits.

Among them, Kimberly de Vries launched many successful products that received high praises from both users and experts. Let’s have a look: BanrAds, YouSuite, Zpreely, ELIPE, FUNIPE, CONIPE, MEETIPE and many more to come in the future. Now, he comes back with his two partners to create an amazing product –VidScripto.

VidScripto Review: What Features You Will Get?

Fully Cloud-Based App: Nothing to download or install. Simply log in from anywhere in the world at any time and start making profits.

Produce Viral Videos in Multiple Languages: Use any transcribed video by VidScripto to produce as many translations and voice overs in any language

Automatic Transcription: Users can Transcribe ANY Video by uploading mp4, adding video Link or using our in-built Viral Video Finder.

Automatic Subtitle Generator: Users can add Subtitles to their Video with customization options, using our Interactive Editor.

Subtitle Translator: Users can Translate their subtitle in more than 50 Languages using our AI Powered Translator.

Text to Speech Voice Creation: Users can Create a new voice for their Video using our AI Powered Text to Speech Engine.

Video Auto Resizing: Users can Resize their Video to fit any Web page or Social Media Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc)

Clone Any Projects: Create multiple transcriptions and translations in various languages with different voices.

Well, in the above i explained all the Important features of VidScripto; Now come down to the next section of VidScripto Review.


Who Should Buy VidScripto?

This amazing software is mostly targeted to below Professionals, so if you are belongs from it then you must need to check VidScripto.

   ♥   Digital Marketers

   ♥   Authors & Publishers

   ♥   Advertisers

   ♥   Affiliate Marketers

   ♥   Entrepreneurs

   ♥   Social Media Marketers

   ♥   Website Owners

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Authors and Publishers

   ♥   Paid Advertisers

   ♥   eCommerce Store Owners

   ♥   Brick and Mortar Business Owners

   ♥   Podcasters

   ♥   SEO Professionals


VidScripto Review – (PROS AND CONS)


   ♥   Easy-to-use

   ♥   In-app tutorials

   ♥   Dedicated 24/7 support team

   ♥   Updated frequently

   ♥   Tested & improved app

   ♥   No technical skills or design background required

   ♥   30-day money back guarantee


   X   I’m completely satisfied with this software but price will increase after launch time over.


Final Verdict On VidScripto Review

I hope this VidScripto review might help you have a deeper understanding about this new software as well as making your purchase decision. I am so happy and thank you so much as your trust is my source of inspiration.

In the above VidScripto Review, i tried to cover all the important information of this amazing video transcribing machine, i explain it’s features, working process & also pricing.

So, If you are an online marketer, video marketer, agency owner or any kind of business owner & wan’t leverage on video marketing to generate leads & sales then VidScripto is for you.

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