ShortySms Review: Send Unlimited Text Message For Better ROI

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Standing out in a sea of marketing messages is about as difficult as getting celebrities to notice you on Instagram. (Caption: “Loved your concert, @IamCardiB! I was the one twerking!”)

And with more competition than ever before to grow your brand, choosing the right marketing channel has never been harder—or more important.

Looking for an effective way to cut through the noise and communicate with your audience?

Meet ShortySMS. ShortySMS is a text message solution from the AppSumo team that makes it easier and more affordable to communicate with your audience and grow your brand.

ShortySMS allows you to take advantage of this promising marketing channel with its open rates up to four times higher than those of email.

You can start marketing SMS immediately using the simple interface, no need to research.

The built-in lead generation forms let you start collecting leads for your SMS campaigns and automation ASAP.

You can quickly import your CSV files if you already have leads from your previous SMS campaigns.

Once you start collecting or importing your leads, ShortySMS makes it super simple to schedule your SMS campaigns.

Create different lists for your favorite customers, agencies, clients, and more to keep the messaging precise.

Then you can schedule your SMS campaigns to be sent out automatically for effortless outreach.

Plus, ShortySMS comes with an automatically supplied private phone number, so you won’t have to share your number with anyone—responses go right to your dashboard!

Well, Guys let’s talk more about ShortySMS In an in-depth way in my next section of the ShortySMS Review & LifeTime deal.

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ShortySMS Review: Check Out It’s Problem Solving Features

1) Uploading lists is super easy. The way I use SMS in my business is not for contacting everyone, but for contacting “special” users. Big-ticket prospects I’m trying to close, my best customers, etc. To me, it’s like a surprise-and-delight marketing channel vs. email marketing which is just blasted out to everyone aka spray and pray. ShortySMS has reasonable limits for this type of marketing.

2) Campaigns and automated sequences are easy to set up. Makes it so I can send scheduled emails and automation to new subscribers SUPER easy.

3) White label. Huge! There’s branding on tracked links (I assume for the ability to properly track results), but as a Sumo-ling, I can use the product completely branding-free if I don’t track my links. White label on Originals happened, woo!

4) Triggers is a GAME CHANGER. This is my favorite, favorite feature. You can easily set up multiple Triggers that tie into automation or list. This is gonna be massive for my brand. For example, I can set up a discount trigger for when people text my phone number with a key phrase or shortcode. Then, they get added to a special automated sequence or list. For discounts, VIPs, etc… there’s so much opportunity here.

This is by far the best SMS product that’s been listed on AppSumo. The UX and UI are great, it’s easy to use, and it’s simple.

It’s not perfect — there are occasional bugs and some missing features. I’m optimistic, based on the other Originals, that the bugs will be fixed over time and many, many features will be added. I’d like to see more data breakdowns, an API, and international texting. They do a great job of building and supporting the Originals products, so I’m optimistic.

Nice job, Originals team. Can’t wait to see how ShortySMS grows over time.

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