ClickAd Review & Demo: No.1 Ad Creation & Optimization Suite

ClickAd Review By A Real User & Special Bonus

We all know how important ads are for the running of your online business, and without attractive and highly converting ads you can’t Increase your website traffic & conversion.

That’s why in today’s clickAd review I am going to introduce you to the ClickAd which is a tool that can help you in the creation and running of profitable Facebook and google ads using the modern artificial intelligence.

There are many advantages of the ClickAd which you can enjoy – like creating creative and profitable ads in just one click from a single dashboard etc.

Thus, Before jumping directly to the features of this tool, I just want to give you an illustration of how frustrating is the work of creating the ads for Facebook and other social media platforms.

And an average marketer generally spends 2 to 3 hours a day in creating a single Facebook ad or google ads, which in the most cases doesn’t bring many results because either their creativity is not good enough or they are creating the ads all wrong.

That is the exact moment where this amazing tool steps in.

Well, Now let’s see the complete overview of ClickAd Review.

ClickAd Review: Complete Overview


Product name ClickAd
Vendor Abhi Dwivedi
Front-end price $47
Release Date 2020-Nov-23
Release Time 09:00 EDT
Niche Ad Optimization 
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 100 Bonuses Value At $3500
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Above Is the complete overview of ClickAd, I mentioned Its creator name, date of launch, Front end price, Bonuses, etc…

Well, Now come down to the next section of ClickAd Review, where i will talk about its complete features.

What Exactly ClickAd Is?

It is a fully cloud-based Facebook and googles ad creating an application that lets anyone from beginner to expert in making profitable ads and ad copy and it even helps you in the running of those ads in the Facebook and googles right from inside its dashboard.

And the most important part of this tool is that with the help of this tool you can create ads even if you have zero knowledge and any kind of technical skills in the paid advertisement genre.

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ClickAd Review: Complete Features Break Down

AI AD CREATION TOOL– so clickad is an artificial intelligence tool which will help you in the creation of the profitable ads and running them on the Facebook or on google to increase your online sales and profits. And the most vital part of this feature is that the ads you will be creating using the are highly converting in nature.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND– It is one of my favorite feature of the as this tool is very easy to understand and use, this tool is relevant for the beginners and experts both and this is possible because there will be no requirements of any technical skills to create ads using this tool.

CREATE, RUN AND MANAGE FACEBOOK ADS FROM CLICK AD DASHBOARD- this is also one of my favorite feature of the clickad with the help of this tool you can easily create, run and manage all the Facebook and google ads you have created from the one dashboard.

100 ad designs and ad copies and templates- The clickAd is providing you with the 100 ad designs and ad copies which you can use in the creation of Facebook and Google ads, these items which I have mentioned are very high converting in nature and have capabilities to attract and convert a lot of visitors into the customers so that you can increase your profit from the online sales.

50 different categories and more added- The templated, ad copies and other things which are being provided by the are well categorized into a lot of varieties. As an example, in the tool, you can find all the templates and ad copies related to the different niches like finance, blogging, online business, fitness etc. in the short you can say that no matter in what kind of field you are working the will help you in the creation of the highly converting ads and generating a lot of profit.

MULTIPLE SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION- ClickAd has a lot of social media integration like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and other major social media platforms with the help of which you can easily run your created Facebook and google ads directly from the application.

AUTO POSTING AND SCHEDULING YOUR ADS- These are the two most important facilities of the the first one is the auto-posting, Clickad has the auto-posting feature with the help of which you can auto-post your ads into Facebook, Google and other social media platforms.

And the second one is the scheduling your ads in which you can easily schedule your created ads about when to post a particular ad.

FULLY CLOUD-BASED APPLICATION- The  is a fully cloud-based application it means you don’t have to think about the storage-related problems. Cloud-based means you will not face any kind of storage-related issues.

IMAGE EDITOR AND STORE- The ClickAd has an image editor and an image store from which you can browse the image you want to design your Facebook and google ad. The store has millions of images from which you can choose as per your requirement.

Who Should Go For ClickAd?

Now I am going to talk about for whom this ClickAd Review will be helpful.

This application is highly recommended to all the-

Fb and Google advertisers

For affiliate marketers

For local agency marketers

For newbie marketers

For bloggers, YouTubers and online entrepreneurs


All I can say at the end of this ClickAd Review you don’t have to start from scratch or trying to be a creative genius for creating ad graphics or dealing with the complex and versatile Facebook and google manager dashboard.

The only thing you have to do is log in to your and start creating your ads and start earning profit from your online business.

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