The Best Gaming Controllers In 2019 for Every Kind of Gamer

Best Gaming Controllers

For a sure age, there is a vile phrase that conjures up an icy dread. The name of a cursed object, a monster of cheap plastic and flimsy buttons: MadCatz. If you’re unusual with these cursed things, they have been a sort of controller, or gamepad.




Every family had one; it turned into reserved for youngster siblings and houseguests you didn’t like that a good deal. Those sorts of controllers gave third-party gamepads a horrific name—one which persists to this day.

In current years although, groups like Scuf and Astro have donned their armor and unfurled their banners on a quest to rebuild the reputation of “off-the-line” gamepads, one controller at a time. We’ve attempted a gaggle of them inside the past 12 months. Here are the pleasant gamepads, reliable and unofficial, for Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac, and extra.


Scuf Prestige

Best for PC and Xbox  Scuf Prestige


The satisfactory factor approximately PC gamepads is that they’re commonly well suited with the Xbox One, and the Scuf Prestige isn’t any exception. The Scuf Prestige is a properly-built controller, with a matte black finish and grippy underside. It looks like a top rate gaming accessory. It also has some of the capabilities that set it other than its competitors.


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The paddles are the most likely thing for me. There are 4 paddles which may be mapped to 14 different controller functions. The paddles themselves are like hair triggers that rest right underneath your palms, so you don’t want to modify your grip in any respect to use them. They are available in handy in games like Destiny 2 and Overwatch, when you have to juggle class capabilities.


Best Gaming Controllers
Astro Gaming C40 TR


Best for PS4  Astro Gaming C40 TR


Astro’s C40 TR is some other top-class gamepad with buttons on the bottom side. However, this one is customized for the PlayStation 4. You can pop off the faceplate and rearrange the locations of the two joysticks and the D-pad—even replace the joysticks with longer ones for finer manipulate. It has paddles and hair triggers you can set too.


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In addition to being more customizable and having extra buttons than the common PS4 controller, it also has a lot higher battery life than the same old DualShock four gamepad from Sony. There are not many devices that get less battery existence than a Sony PS4 controller, and it’s refreshing to play PS4 games with a gamepad that lasts for 12 hours in place of the three to 4 you get out of the DualShock four.

On the drawback, it’s the price is high and cannot turn the PS4 con


sole on.

Best Gaming Controllers
Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller


Best Accessible Controller  Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller


The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a sleek machine. Designed to offer a wide style of alternatives for game enthusiasts who won’t be capable of with ease using a traditional gamepad, the Adaptive Controller deconstructs all of the inputs in a gamepad but lays them out in a way so each person can create a controller layout that works for them.

Games are for everyone, and this controller does a hell of activity ensuring that each person can play Xbox and PC video games. The Adaptive Controller is just the base station, even though. It’s like some of the buttons, switches, and foot controls that plug into the adaptive controller, letting you customize your gamepad down to the smallest detail.

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