20 Most Popular Long Hairstyles For Boys 2019

Long hairstyles for boys : If you are making plans to develop out your hair in 2019, then you may love our series of cool long hairstyles for guys. As men’s hair tendencies keep to skew closer to longer patterns, identifying the first-class way to fashion your lengthy hair can help you keep up with the times.


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For example, men with long hair are currently preserving a greater natural look, taking into account masses of waft and motion. Furthermore, your hair may be cut all one length or you could decide to get the perimeters and again diminished for a contrasting look.


How to Style Long Hair


  • Embrace your herbal texture, whether or not curly instantly or wavy.
  • Try a slicked-returned look for a suave yet stylishly undone look.
  • Opt for a middle component if your hair is directly and a facet component if it is wavy or curly.
  • To put on your hair up, recall a ponytail, guy bun or 1/2-up look.
  • For a bold look, pick a braided or dreadlocked fashion.
  • Keep your hair healthful and acquire regular trims to ensure it continually seems properly.
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Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair


Slick Back


For men with medium-long locks, the slick back appearance is as clean to reap as it’s miles clever. A more undone alternative to a bun or pony, the slick back works as nicely with a tailored in shape as it does with streetwear.


 Slick Back


For fine hair, an excessive-shine appearance is foremost and can be carried out by using raking arms thru easy hair the use of a medium maintain wet-appearance gel. Guys with curly or textured hair can also rock this appearance by way of sweeping the front phase of hair back with a pomade or mousse for more keep. Curls can be left in large part intact, or broken up slightly for a greater worn-in sense.


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For the one’s in-between days or the man at paintings, a pony is an easy and short way to fashion lengthy hair. Pulling hair returned with a drop of serum to ensure most shine, you’ll be able to both preserve the herbal part or pull hair immediately back for a barely greater saggy attraction.


Long Hairstyles For Boys Ponytail men


Tying the tie over two times or three instances for hold and luxury, the world is your oyster in terms of slickness for this look. To stop the look from feeling too restrictive or extreme, leave a few strands near the front to fall through the face or be tucked in the back of ears.


Long Textured Waves


This down-and-out style is all approximately texture and dimension. Popularised via Harry Styles, the look functions a deconstructed pompadour and waves of a medium texture and density. This look is wearable for nearly any face form but is greatly applicable to people with a few natural motions and a layered cut.


Long Hairstyles For Boys
Long Hairstyles For Boys


To mirror, observe a styling mousse to clean damp hair, scrunch liberally and both depart to air dry or dry with a diffuser directing the front phase of hair backward. Then as soon as the hair is almost absolutely dry, take the front segment and gently backcomb earlier than placing with a flexible hairspray. With a playboy enchantment and younger vitality, that is the hair of heartthrobs.


Man Bun


A modern conventional, the person bun isn’t going anywhere. As flexible as it’s far contemporary, buns are universally flattering and can be altered and customized according to face shape. Comb hair returned with palms and relaxed with a tie, permitting a few tips to stick out for a comfortable appeal.


Long Hairstyles For Boys
Long Hairstyles For Boys


The duration of your hair will decide how excessive or low you may put on your bun, but for fine exercise aim for just underneath the crown of the pinnacle, with a few hairs on the nape of your neck curling free. While guys with described bone systems are capable of wear the appearance as slick as they prefer, for the maximum part, a looser bun is most flattering. For an artfully messy man bun, slide the stop of a comb beneath the pinnacle to loosen sections of hair across the face slightly.


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The drama of unfastened hair meets the sleekness of a man bun. With jawline and neck visible you’re scoring serious factors with the girls and preserving hair off your face – a win/win. A mainstay of the long-haired man and lately put again on the map by using Chris Hemsworth in his turn as Thor, while worn with longer strands this appearance is most placing.


half up
Long Hairstyles For Boys


For the half of-up, pull the top 1/3 of hair back into a tie and loop over right into a knot, permitting some motion by not securing too tightly. Most androgynous with day-vintage hair, preserve the look devil-can also-care using running a few dry shampoos into the roots and spritzing ends with water or sea salt spray.


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Long Undercut


If you’re looking for a way to offer your lengthy hair new existence, you have to bear in mind including an undercut for your style. By shaving the sides and again of your hair, you’ll instantly create a brilliant contrast among these sections and the lengthy hair left on the pinnacle of your head.

 Long Undercut hairstyles man
Long Hairstyles For Boys


Then, simply permit you to lengthy locks fall to one facet for a super mind-set-crammed look. Alternatively, this cut can also paintings nicely with a ponytail, guy bun or topknot, which are ideal for the warmer months alongside formal functions.