Some Most Common Refrigerator Problems You Want To Know

Refrigerators are essential equipment required at our place and help in keeping our foods fresh. It is very important to keep the refrigerator running to avoid food getting spoilt. In this, we shall discuss the most common refrigerator problems you want to know. Since the refrigerators are working round the clock, they are subjected to wear and tear and might cause minor to major faults. These faults can reduce the lifetime of the refrigerator. 

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  • Defective fridge MCB

If the fridge doesn’t start, it is advisable to check on the MCB for proper functioning. This malfunctioning can lead to refrigerator breakdown. 

  • Fluctuations in current

Fluctuations in current can also cause the refrigerator to be dysfunctional. This can be rectified with the use of a stabilizer. Nowadays, inbuilt stabilizers are available for the proper functioning of stabilizers and avoid any mishappenings.

  • Compressors 

Compressors form the heart of the refrigerator and are used to compress the coolant and re-circulate the coolant for the proper functioning of refrigerators. If the compressors do not work properly, the fridge doesn’t work properly and doesn’t cool the food available in the fridge. Proper maintenance of the compressor is required, and for new refrigerators, the compressor covers under manufacturer warranty for 10 years.

  • Condensing coils

These coils do the work of circulating the coolant from the compressor back to the expansion chamber and goes on. This condensing coil should work fine for circulation or might cause any leakage, which can lead to the breakdown of the fridge. The coolant is hazardous, and hence leakage might lead to health issues, which should be avoided with the help of proper condensing coils.

  • Coolant

For the proper working of refrigerators, the coolant plays a key role in absorbing the heat from the food and remains cool. Thus the coolant levels should be checked and maintained properly for proper functioning. 

  • Thermostat 

The thermostat is the part of the refrigerator, which keeps track of the temperature. This device switches on and off based on the temperature recorded, and hence cutting off the coolant depends entirely on the proper working of the thermostat.

  • Leakage in refrigerator 

This is the common problem faced mostly by many people as the refrigerator might leak and cause problems. This can be avoided by checking the compressor, expansion chamber, and coolant, and the leakage often happen due to blocking in the defrost drain line by food particles or debris or in the frozen water supply line.

  • Ice buildup in the freezer

This is another common problem happening quite common in our freezer. The ice buildups which happen due to faulty seal allowing outside air to enter and raise the humidity levels. Checking the freezer seals can avoid such problems.

Thus, with the proper maintenance of your refrigerators, these faults can be rectified or avoided in the earlier stages and help function properly. It is always advisable to keep track of the maintenance schedule of refrigerators for better functioning.